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Dispute Resolution


In addition to the Bank’s internal systems for handling customer queries and issues, the Bank subscribes to Alternate Dispute Resolution which is handled by an external agency with no links or obligation to the Bank.


The parties will endeavour to settle any dispute or difference arising out of this Agreement between themselves. If this negotiation is not successful, the parties agree that the dispute will be submitted to mediation in accordance with the Rule, Procedures and Protocol for mediation of the Dispute Resolution Centre then in effect. If any issues, claims or disputes remain unresolved after mediation concludes, the parties agree to submit any such issues to binding arbitration before three arbitrators in accordance with the Rules, Procedures and Protocols for Arbitration of Disputes of the Dispute Resolution Centre then in effect. The parties further agree that the award of the arbitrator is binding upon the parties and that the judgment upon the award rendered may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction.