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Do I need any special hardware and/or software to be able to access the e first Service?
You will need a Personal Computer with Internet access and any standard browser - Internet Explorer 6.0 / Netscape 6.0 or higher; SSL 128 bit encryption. To check for these requirements click "help" on your browser, and then select "about Internet explorer" or "about Netscape" as it pertains to your browser.

Who can sign up for the Service?

  • Companies or Corporations
  • Statutory Boards
  • Local Government
  • Any other business entity.

Is there a special type of account that I must maintain to sign up for this Service?
You must maintain at least one deposit account with the Bank from which balance inquiries, or payments or transfers can be done.


How can I be sure that your system is safe and my transactions private?
We have carefully chosen our hardware and software to include the most advanced security features currently available to the industry.

Can I be sure that when I transfer funds they really go to my account?
Our systems are designed with a series of checks and balances to ensure the integrity of all transactions. In addition, a balance inquiry can be done on the account to verify that the transaction was processed.

Can other Internet users access my account?
No. Our security features ensure that only users assigned by your company Administrator can have access to your account. Each authorized user will have unique ID and password to access e first. Our password security system utilises the latest commercially available encryption techniques to ensure that your transactions, including logging in to your account, cannot be intercepted and interpreted by anyone. However, you must ensure that your password is never shared with anyone. If you feel that someone else knows your password, change it immediately.

What must I do if I cannot remember my login password?
If you are a Company Administrator, authorized signatories of the company must send a letter to the bank requesting that there set the password be reset. The company Administrator can reset all other users.

Can anyone impersonate me and have my login password reset?
No. All password resets must be requested by authorized signatories of your company.

Customer Care

What are your customer care support hours of operation?
We can be contacted at 62-FIRST Option 4 and our team of helpful staff who are available during the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. on a Friday will be willing to assist you.

You may also contact the Corporate Banking Unit during normal business hours at 624 3178.

You may also e-mail us at cbu@firstcitizenstt.com  or via on line messaging by clicking on the Feedback/Inquiry Option from the menu bar in e first. 

Internet Banking Services

How long will it take to process an internal transfer done via e first?
Transfer between your accounts done via e first is done in real time, that is the transactions are done instantaneously and can be seen on your account immediately.

Can I change Company information, such as address or telephone number, on our/my records with the Bank?
Yes. However, to prevent any one from impersonating you, you will be required to provide supporting documentation for all changes. Your company Administrator and the e first Officers will work with you to effect the required changes.

Which account balances can I check?
You can view up to the minute balances on all of your deposit accounts, which includes your Foreign currency and Investment Accounts.

Is my account updated real-time, that is, is it updated as soon as I execute the transaction on the Internet?
Yes!. Should we, at any time, be temporarily unable to process transactions, you will be notified while browsing e first

Can I access my account via the Internet when I am not in Trinidad & Tobago?
Yes! You can access your account at anytime, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet and are using the recommended browsers. Refer to Requirements

Are there limits to the number and value of transactions that I can do?
There are no limits to the number and value for transactions you can do, this is subject to your account balances and subject to the pre-set limits as outlined by your company Administrator.

Are there fees and charges associated with e first Service?
Yes! We will provide you with a full fee schedule of all associated charges. No fees will be charged without your knowledge.

What are the laws that govern the e first Service?
First Citizens Internet Bank is governed by the laws of Trinidad & Tobago as detailed in the Code of Banking Practice prepared by the Bankers Association of Trinidad & Tobago (BATT). You can review this on the Login Screen of the e first Service.

What is the process to resolve an e first grievance?
The bank has a Customer Complaint desk which can be reached at 675 - INFO (675- 4636).
Grievances lodged at the Customer Complaint desk will be handled independently of the Corporate Banking Unit.


Do I have to be a an authorized customer to view the website?
No. You are welcome to peruse our demo at: www.firstcitizenstt-efirst.com


Are there any additional questions you would like to have answered?
Simply e-mail us via the Online Feedback option on e first or e mail us at cbu@firstcitizenstt.com